As the season goes . . . . .

As the season goes . . . . .

Greetings one and all,

For some, another season over, for others, a new competition just begun.  Commiserations to those that did not make the finals.  Congratulations to those who did make the finals.  To the Small Sided Football teams that don’t play finals, we hope you have enjoyed your season.  Win, lose or draw, if the kids enjoyed themselves, then the Committee and the Club has achieved one of it’s major goals.

Some Quick Notes:

1. The Sutherland Titans – , a great article promoting the Titans, as well as our own Anna Corner and her lovely son, Ben.  The link was distributed all our Club Committees by Greg Storey, President of Lilli Pilli.

2. Team Awards – all teams have been advised about team awards previously.  Please finalise those quickly, to assist the Committee.  Perpetual Awards – there are numerous perpetual awards, that are open to all members.  Please consider nominating someone for them.

3. Finals Series at Preston Park   – We will be having finals all three Saturdays, at Preston, at this stage.  As well as the first Sunday.  The Committee will need help, please ensure your team is ready and able to respond, when required.

4. Teams in Finals Series – Please note, there are explicit rules for the Finals Series.  The Clubs hosting the finals are expected to enforce these.  Please be aware of them, and follow them.  Each team will need to nominate (write on the match sheet) a Ground Control person, and that person will need to wear an orange vest.  Each Manager will need to wear their Manager’s yellow vest, as well.  Only players and officials (Coaches and Managers) are allowed into the Technical Area.


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