Being fit for the start of the football season puts you one step ahead of your opposition and that’s why we’re proud to offer club members free pre-season fitness training for Engadine Crusaders Football Club members.


soccer pre-season


The first session kicks off at our home ground, Preston Park, at 6:45pm on Thursday 19 February.


And if it is well received we will run more in the lead up to the season.


The session will run for around an hour and focus on cardio fitness. But don’t worry, you won’t see Michelle Bridges or Commando screaming instructions, just a fun and encouraging atmosphere for a bit of pre-season fitness.


It is free of charge and it is open to all club members over the age of 15. Partners are welcome. Please bring a bottle of water as the canteen won’t be open.


Participation is at your own risk and you must also ensure the supervision of your own children.


For more information just email

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