The start of the season is coming and we’re getting ready for grading nights for all of our junior teams that have registered to play with the Engadine Crusaders Football Club in 2015.


If you haven’t yet registered or you still want to join the club and don’t have a team, it’s not too late. Go to our registration page to register or to let us know that you want to play soccer in Engadine this season.


Grading dates


For players and junior teams that have registered for this season, here is a reminder of the dates and times for grading nights so we can work out the best division for you to play in this year.


Mon 16th Feb

6.00pm U6/U7

6.30pm U8/U9


Tues 17th Feb

6.00pm U10/U11

6.30pm U12/U13


Wed 18th Feb

6.00pm U14/U15

6.30pm U16/U18


Thur 19th Feb

6.30pm U21’s


Remember to wear your soccer boots and shin pads and bring a drink bottle to keep hydrated during the session.

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