Match report. Monday 10th June 2013. Crusaders v/s Marton. 18F. Played at Preston.

It was the second game of the long weekend for the Crusaders with a start of 10 am on the home ground. The crusaders came in at full strength with 4 players on the bench who were rotated throughout the match. Just 5 minutes after kick-off an opportunity for Marton was not lost with a goal conversion from a free kick. They continued to put pressure on the home team scoring their second goal just 5 minutes later with a kick at the top of the D that went through the normally safe upstretched arms of the goalie Tom Whitaker. Score 2-0.
Crusaders then had a few opportunities but however failed to find the nets. A few minutes Marton converted a corner kick with a fantastic header into the far left of the goal taking the score to 3-0. In the time that followed, Ian Colwell had a few solo runs that were stopped by Marton’s defence. Just 5 minutes from half-time Marton converted another corner kick to take the score to 4-0 and consolidated their position. The Crusaders fought back straightaway and good teamwork from Trent Edwards and Tom Nieuwland finally saw the Crusaders net one through the defence via Trent. At half-time the score was 4-1 Marton’s way.
During the second half Kyle D’Sylva swapped goals with Tom Whitaker. The Crusaders continued to push with a good run by Michael Robinson and Tom Whitaker down the left flank with a pass to Joshua Bollom who had a great shot at the goals but was put out by the Marton keeper. Soon thereafter, a solo run from the Marton team penetrated the Crusaders defence of four to find the nets and took the score to 5-1.
Trent Edwards continued his defence with good ball clearance and cross-over to Mike Robinson to have a go at scoring but the Crusaders had a tough Marton defence to contend with. After great persistence and good passing between the Crusaders near the goals, Tom Nieuwland scored the second goal for the team which was followed by much jubilation. The score now stood at 5-2 Marton’s way.
However within 3 minutes Marton scored again with a solo run to goals that was converted at top speed taking the score to 6-2. The match continued with a few good saves by Kyle D’Sylva in goals that prevented further damage. Crusaders continued to have ball possession near the goals but were unable to score in spite of a few tries. Brandon Johnston had a solo run up to goals but the ball was well saved by the Marton keeper. A late corner kick by Marton too was well cleared by the Crusaders. The Crusaders team effort continued with good ball passing between Daniel Corban, Ian Colwell, Jackson Taylor and Dominic Wilson with shots at scoring but none made it into the nets.
All in all, the Crusaders played well but Marton put in a greater effort which gave them the victory this time round. Final score 6-2 Marton’s way.

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