Two up, two down!

Alas, our grit and determination were not enough, on the weekend.  The AL12’s went down 1-0, and the SWF’s preceded them, by bowing out 2-0.  Gusting  souwesterlies, occasional peeks of the sun, coughing and spluttering, and my case, at least, a massive case of hay fever, all conspired to not have our two teams at their best.  In close to the worst possible conditions, let’s be fair – it could have rained, dedicated groups of supporters and teams turned up for the allotted game times.  Their efforts on the day, were not good enough, unfortunately.  Thanks you to all the supporters, particularly those that have been there all season, through the wind and the rain.

Moving on to the Grand Finals, we would again like as many supporters as possible at each of our Grand Finals, to cheer teams on and hopefully bring home two premierships.  These are;


Saturday 18/08/12                  21        E        Engadine Eagles            11:00 am         Buckle Reserve 2


Sunday 19/08/12                    W30    C        Bangor                            8:30 am         Loftus 1


As the season winds to a close, it is timely to remember all the work that is done, throughout the season by ALL the volunteers in this great (big) association of ours.  For every one of us that has to drag themselves out of bed on cold winter mornings to set up our field, every other club has people doing the same thing, at the same time.  A big thank you to all the Clubs that have hosted semis, finals and will be hosting grand finals, and a thank you to all the (sometimes less than willing) club members who man the barbeque, the canteen, cover ground control, so the rest of us can frolic in our final series glory.  Cheers to the Referees, without whom we would not have a game!   Least seen, most noticed, last but certainly not least, thank you to the Executive Committee of the Sutherland Shire Football Association and their Office Staff!

Go Crusaders!



Days for the Calendar

Junior Presentation Day – Preston Park Saturday 1st of September

Senior Presentation Night – St Moritz Room Saturday 15th of September

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Sunshine, Some Stumbles and Success!

A warm thank you to all the Crusader fans, who were out in numbers on the weekend.

With Fantastic Football, Classic Climate and Cantankerous Competition, our round of Semi Finals were played throughout the weekend.  We missed the two early timeslots on Saturday and had games in all but one of the other time slots.

Commiserations, Congratulations and Celebrations.  Commiserations to the 18E’s, who went down in extra time, and the 21D’s who were beaten by a well disciplined opponent.  Congratulations to the AL12’s, who held on in extra time and advanced, and the SWF’s, who ran away from the opposition and should have won 4 – 1, but settled for 3 – 1.  Celebrations for the 21E’s, beating an opponent for the first time in two seasons, and the Minor Premiers W30C’s, who held on for a gutsy 1 – 0 win, both of whom go straight to the Grand Final!

Hence, we have no one playing next Saturday.  However,  here is the draw for this coming Sunday’s games!  Please note, The Ridge 1 is Bangor’s field, further down the road.  The Ridge 4 is one of the Barden Ridge allocated fields (presumably the one they played on, last Sunday);

Rnd     Div   Grd                   Opponent                         Time                  Ground

21       AL   12                Gymea United         2              10:30 am           The Ridge 4

21       WS      F               Caringbah Redbacks             8:30 am              The Ridge 1

We WILL have the SWF’s and AL12’s both playing, one after the other (slightly separated at the Ridge).  I am sure they would both appreciate some vocal support.

The good news for the teams out of the finals, we will NOT be having any more games at Preston Park, this year (barring unforeseen events).  The Club will not make as much revenue as we had hoped, but no one else will be called in to run the ground.

Planning is well underway for the Presentation Day and Night.  I hope all teams are encouraging as many members and families as possible to attend.  We will have a big day for the Juniors at Preston and a big night for the Seniors.

If any parents of the Seniors would like to attend the Senior Presentation Night, please contact Neville Bethe or someone on the Committee.  I know we would love to have you there, and I am sure we could accommodate you.

The Anatomy of a Goal – courtesy of the SWF team

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The End of the Competition Rounds

The semi finals are here (and there, and everywhere).  With six teams in the finals, everyone should be able to find someone they know and a team to adopt for the finals series.  Please got out and support out teams this weekend.  Unless, of course, you have ground duty at Preston Park.


Saturday 4th August 2012
Crusader’s Fixtures
18E Heathcote Waratah 12:00 pm Kingswood Road 1
21D North Sutherland 12:00 pm Buckle Reserve 1
21E Engadine Eagles 2:00 pm Solander 1

Preston Park Fixtures
12A 9:00 am Barden Ridgebacks v Cronulla Seagulls
12A 10:30 am Gymea United v Menai Hawks
16D 12:00 pm Georges River v Menai Hawks
16D 2:00 pm Miranda Magpies v Lilli Pilli FC

Sunday 5th August 2012

Crusader’s Fixtures
AL12 Gymea United 1 9:00 am The Ridge 5
W30C Bangor 11:00 am Heathcote 4
WSF Bosco F C 1:00 pm Loftus 1

Preston Park Fixtures
W30B 9:00 am Heathcote Waratah v Bosco F C
W30B 11:00 am Bonnet Bay v Como West-Jannali
W30A 1:00 pm Como West-Jannali v Marton
W30A 3:00 pm Marton v North Sutherland

Congratulations to all the teams in the finals series (let’s hope the weather holds off for you), and commiserations to those that didn’t make it.  Well done to the SSF teams, too.

Congratulations to all the Referees, as well.  Without you, we wouldn’t have a game.

Go Crusaders!

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Nursery Squad Cancelled and Finals


Unfortunately, due to a lack of numbers we have had to cancel our much anticipated Nursery Squad.  La Vida Soccer will still be running their Pre Soccer School over summer, details on their website.

We will be working with La Vida, over the summer, to see if we can develop an appropriate package to start the season for our under 6’s.



With one round to go in the competition rounds, we are close to starting finals. Please try and support our teams that make the finals, a bit of sideline cheering can lift the spirits in a tight game.

At this stage, Preston Park will be hosting semi-finals, finals and grand finals, on both Saturdays and Sundays.  Please make sure all Club Members are aware, they may be called on for setup, barbeque, canteen or pack up duties.

We do appreciate this may seem like an imposition, at this time of year.  However, for the finals to be played, someone has to host them.  The Committee looks at hosting finals as a major fund raising effort.

All the best for the last competition round, this weekend, and here’s hoping for clear skies and firm grounds!  Congratulations to those teams that make the finals, and commiserations to those that don’t.

On behalf of the Crusader committee,

Jim Hankins

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Nursery Squad

We are finalising details for this year’s Nursery Squad. We are working with our major sponsor, La Vida, with the aim of the Nursery Squad being run by La Vida.

While this will take some of the burden off of our volunteer labour, we also hope to give the children involved a professional experience. La Vida will be aiming to provide one instructor for every four participants, to ensure there is interaction with all the kids, and a great learning experiences.

Further information will be posted and distributed once it is available.

We thank La Vida Soccer for their support and look forward to having them on board with our Nursery Squads this season.  You can check out the latest post on the La Vida Soccer blog here with tips on how to reduce soreness after your football game.



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Welcome to Season 2012

Greetings one and all!

In one of the most active off seasons we have experienced, we have returfed the goal squares (thanks to all the top dressing helpers, and turf laying helpers), we’ve modified our goals so they are removable.  We have secured two major sponsors and obviously gotten the new strip.  A very special thanks to McDonalds and La Vida Soccer.   As well, thanks needs to be given to our Equipment Officer, Clare Hargrave and her willing helpers, for their patience and sense of size, in helping us distribute all the uniforms.  That was an enormous effort.

While we still have a long way to go with extensions, there has been progress and the next meeting with Council will be soon.

And lest I forget, the major overhaul of our website, which is still ongoing!  Thank you very much to Dane Williams for all the web site innovations and Darren Stride for helping out in the change over.

Needless to say, a great deal of time and effort was put into running the online registration system.   Everyone should personally thank Darren for his work in getting our Club through Registration.  Debbie Cox put in a tremendous amount of time and effort, as well.  All clubs and our Association are in similar positions, it has been a trying period for us all.  Hopefully, next year will be easier.

The final change, the Council has been working with us, since the end of last season, to “level out”  Mount Preston.  The hump in the cricket pitch, while still there, is much shallower than last year.  Hopefully, over time this will reduce, even further.

Hoping you all have a wonderful season, from the Under Sixes to the Senior Teams,

Jim Hankins – President, on behalf of the Committee

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New Website

Welcome to the 2012 Engadine Crusaders FC season and with a new year comes a fresh new look and feel for the club’s online presence.  Let’s go through the changes and see what’s new!

First up the website has been completely overhauled with the prime focus on making it more interactive for all involved with the club.  Gone is the labour intensive newsletter full of one sided match reports and in comes the online match centre right here on the website.  If your team doesn’t want to write a full match report then they don’t have to.  Try writing a few one line comments or even upload some match photos and even video.

One thing we want to encourage with the new match centre system is for teams to share their reports and media with their friends on Facebook by clicking the new ‘Like’ buttons and posting the story to their Timeline.  Comments made on that particular post can then be tracked back to the website where others can join the conversation.  This gets everyone involved and talking about the games.  If you want to keep writing a single match report then you can continue to do that too.  Just post the report to the site as you please.

The next change we have made to our online presence is getting serious about using our Facebook and Twitter pages.  Again, don’t be shy to ‘Like’ (engadinecrusadersfc) or ‘Follow’ (@EngadineCrusadersFC) us on either of these sites!  We need you to get involved in the conversation and start them yourselves.  These are your sites afterall!  Also, in the near future and along with the website, these will become major communication tools for the club so be sure to keep them handy.

In the end, the most important part of these changes is participation from you guys so don’t be shy to post or comment on whatever catches your eye.

Get involved and most importantly enjoy!

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