ECFC Coaches and Managers Information 2018



This season we have a new method of collecting Coach or Manager details for Engadine Crusaders FC teams.


Whether you are a returning Coach/Manager or a first time Coach/Manager, the following steps must be followed for all teams & grades.


  1. REGISTER your details with Shared Serviceson this link
  • Note most coaches & managers from 2017 season may have an existing profile. Please check & update.
  • Anyone can establish a sign in & password (or use facebook to sign in).
  • Your profile must include your current contact information. The email address & mobile phone number provided will be used by ECFC.
  • Add to the my profile the TEAM(s) you are seeking to be the COACH or MANAGER for.
  • The CLUB TEAM NAME is the name referenced on the published team lists (for junior teams).
  • Senior teams can label their teams referencing their anticipated grading.
  • Please note “SSFA Grades & Numbers” cannot be added. These will be updated once applicants have been approved for 2018 & official gradings are determined.
  • If you know your Working With Children Check details please select YES and record your details otherwise select NO (at this stage).
  • If you have already registered in “MyFootballClub” as a coach/manager/volunteer for Season 2018 please indicate in your profile.


  • Requesting training space on behalf of your team
  • One person per team should make training request
  • Select “Training Allocation” from the main menu
  • Select the team setup in your profile
  • The relevant rules for training space utilisation will be presented on the right of the screen
  • Below the graphic in training allocations, select the day of week, field and times.
  • Please make sure our request is for your first preference training time.
  • Additional requests for additional training sessions can be made.
  • You can view all current allocations on the training calendar.
  • All training time requests in the website will be reviewed.



If you are a Coach or Manager we will require you to register in MYFOOTBALLCLUB using link au/?id=164

You may pre-register in MYFOOTBALLCLUB



  • All coaches & managers of teams up to and including U18’s will be required to provide Engadine Crusaders FC with a Working With Children (volunteer) check
  • This is an expanded requirement from Football NSW
  • If you have a current WWC number (& provided it in 2017) it will be present in your profile.
  • If you have a WWC number you may enter it in your profile
  • Working with Children Check – To apply: au/transaction/apply-working- children-check


Once applied and registered on the Shared Services portal, once a training request has been submitted, watch our website & facebook page in preparation for the 2018 season.

Please remember all training requests (times & dates) are subject to ground availability. We will review all special requests.


Thank you for taking interest in coaching or managing in 2018.

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2018 Registration Flyer

Crusaders Flyer

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Sutherland Nissan Mates Rates Sale

Mates Rates Sale

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2018 Registration Information


Come & Play the 2018 Football Season @ E.C.F.C!

Register Here

We welcome all current, past players and all new players to come join Engadine Crusaders FC for season 2018.


All the registration information you need to know is at
Registrations open for U6, U21 and above players on 1/1/2018.


Note: NSW Gov’t has introduced “Active Kids $100 Cash back for all school children registrations after 31/1/18” Please find more information at
Registrations for U7 to U18 school age children open 1/2/2018.


Past players – 2018 Registrations must now be submitted online at: My Football Club combined with payment of fees online.

All New Players – see below.


Junior & Senior Winter Competition Registration fees
U6 Mixed – Free registration.
U7’s to U9 mixed = $140 per player U10 & U11 mixed = $150 per player
U12 to U14 = $170 per player U15 & U16 = $180 per player
U17 to U18’s = $195 per player U21 Years & above = $270 per player
Life Members = $235 per player.


Late registrations fee of $20 will also apply to all players whom register after 6/3/2018.

Note: all teams 18yrs & above may form & register block teams. We are looking to grow our club and will accept full team registrations – subject to approval by EC committee. Please elect a team leader & contact the registrar to discuss further.


Clubhouse Opening Times for New players only.
Previously registered players with ECFC will not be processed during these times.

Saturday Feb 3, 10am to 2pm and Wednesday 7th Feb, 7pm to 8pm

All new players must visit the clubhouse on these dates for all new player i.d sighting*, information & purchase playing uniform.


“NEW REGISTERED PLAYER” means new to Sutherland Shire Football Association.
Some players that may have an older FFA number, but have never played a with SSFA club,
they must be identified.
• BOTH Junior and Senior players NEW to SSFA Clubs need to provide proof of Date of Birth
and proof of Residency.
• Proof of Birth – Birth Certificate, Passport, Drivers Licence.
• Proof of Shire Residency
• A Current Driver’s Licence with the address unaltered since issue or renewal.
(Driver’s Licence with RMS endorsed change of address on the back will NOT be
accepted as proof of residence.)
• A Council Rate Notice for a Shire property which is the place of residency of the player.
• A recent document from a Government Department or Financial Institution.
• NOTE: (Telephone and Mobile Phone Accounts will NOT be accepted).

NOTE: Juniors regarding Residency
Parents must show residency documents, as above, or if a child doesn’t live in shire but goes
to school in shire, a letter from the school confirming 2018 attendance.


Other Important Dates:
2018 Team muster & meeting dates:
U6 & U7 age groups meet – Mon 26th Feb 6.00pm, U8 & U9 age groups meet – Mon 26th Feb 6.30pm
U10 & U11 age groups meet – Mon 26th Feb 7.00pm, U12 & U13 age groups meet – Mon 26th Feb 7.30pm
U14 & U15 age groups meet – Wed 28th Feb 6.00pm, U16 & U18 age groups meet – Wed 28th Feb 7.00pm
U21’s age group meet – Wed 28th Feb 8.00pm

Thurs 1st March & Fri 2nd March – Reserved for team grading matches if required.


Seniors team Manager/Coach must supply registrar with team lists and training times etc.

All coaches & managers at Engadine Crusaders must have the WWC (working with children) certification number process completed before training starts and register as coach or volunteer in the myfootballclub site.

Competition Starts Saturday 7th April 2018

Any enquiries please contact the following:

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2018 Active Kids Rebate – U6-U18

Active Kids Program

NSW Government Active Kids Voucher Program


As you may (or perhaps may not) be aware for 2018 and on the NSW Government has introduced a new program where any school age child is eligible to receive a discount of $100 on any registration fee to a sport or activity.

To be eligible to qualify the child must be attending school. You are only able to claim the $100 discount (rebate) once in a calendar year.

If you wish to claim the refund through us, it is easier to wait till February to register.


Pre 31st January

Eligible players wanting to use their discount, should select the -$100 Deferred Payment Add-On to reduce their registration cost.

Apply for Voucher Code via Service NSW Website after January 31
Log Back into MyFootballClub into the players profile click on edit for questions and add the voucher code.


Post 31st January

Apply for a voucher code via Service NSW Website
Register via MyFootballClub
At the invoice screen enter the Voucher Code
The system will check the validity of the Voucher Code and where approved the invoice will automatically update to be less $100.




Online (Pre 31 January)
To claim the discount you will need to select the $100 discount through the Add On process. This will reduce the payment. In order to become fully registered the club will need to record the Voucher Id

Online (Post January 31)

To claim the discount you will need to have applied for the Voucher Id and input the Voucher Id. This will automatically reduce the registration fee.


There is no impact to any players not at school and the club encourages all senior players to register during January as per normal.

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2018 Registration Dates


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2018, Free Registration for All Under 6 Players!

As 2017 slowly drifts away, come forth 2018, and with that a new season is soon to commence.

Further registration information for all other age groups will be released shortly.

Crusaders free

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Grand Final Draw

26-Aug-2017 12D G/F Engadine Crusaders Cronulla RSL Canberra Road 1 10:30 AM
26-Aug-2017 12E G/F Engadine Crusaders Lilli Pilli Canberra Road 1 9:00 AM
26-Aug-2017 21B G/F Lilli Pilli 2 Engadine Crusaders Bundeena 1 10:00 AM
27-Aug-2017 AL15 G/F Engadine Crusaders 1 Lilli Pilli Lakewood City 1 12:30 PM
26-Aug-2017 13B G/F Grays Point Bonnet Bay Preston Park 1 1:30 PM
26-Aug-2017 13C G/F Gymea United Bangor Preston Park 1 12:00 PM
26-Aug-2017 13D G/F Bundeena Maianbar Grays Point Preston Park 1 10:30 AM
26-Aug-2017 13E G/F Miranda Magpies Como Jannali Preston Park 1 9:00 AM
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Sutherland Nissan’s Biggest Ever Car Sale

3443-A5 Flyer-001

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Reminder: No Smoking at Spectator Venues

After a recent spate of fines at Preston Park and at other grounds in the Shire, just a friendly reminder of the legislation regarding Smoking. Any fines incurred will be passed onto the individuals concerned.

Section 6A of the Smoke-free Environment Act 2000 makes a number of outdoor public places smoke-free. From 7 January 2013, smoking is banned in spectator areas at public sports grounds and other recreational areas in NSW. However, smoking will only be banned when an organised sporting event is being held. Major sporting facilities are included under the definition of a public sports ground and will be required to comply with the new law. Other outdoor sporting facilities, such as Local Council playing fields, are also covered by the new law.

Will smoking be banned only in spectator areas which are covered?
No. The smoking ban applies to all spectator areas at sports grounds and other recreational areas when they are being used for an organised sporting event. The law applies to both covered and uncovered spectator areas and whether seating is provided or not.

Will the ban only cover the time that the players are competing?
No. The smoking ban applies during the entire duration of the organised sporting event. This will include not just when the players are competing but pre match and half time games and entertainment that form part of the sporting event.

Will there be signage to indicate where smoking is not permitted?
Due to the vast array of different sports grounds and recreational areas, the new law does not require signs to be displayed to indicate that smoking is not permitted in spectator areas at sports grounds and other recreational areas during organised sporting events. However, signage may be required in the future if regulations are made requiring a class of sports grounds or other recreational area to display signs.

What is a spectator area?
A spectator area is an area set aside for or being used by spectators to watch an organised sporting event at a sports ground or other recreational area, but only when an organised sporting event is being held there.

How will this be enforced?
NSW Health is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Smoke-free Environment Act 2000. NSW Health Inspectors are authorised to enforce the ban at public sports grounds and recreational areas during organised sporting events. Some major sporting facilities have already banned smoking in outdoor seating areas but permit smoking in designated outdoor smoking areas within the facility. The new law will prohibit smoking in all spectator areas of the facility, regardless of whether seating is provided or the area is covered. Where major sporting facilities have already introduced smoke-free outdoor policies which extend beyond the new laws, these can continue to apply. Penalties of up to $550 apply to individuals who smoke in spectator areas at public sports grounds or other recreational areas during organised sporting events. Why is this new Act in place? Public sports grounds are a popular public outdoor setting for exercise and recreation and often attract large numbers of people, particularly families with children. There is no safe level of exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke. This is the smoke which smokers exhale after inhaling from a lit cigarette. In adults, breathing second-hand tobacco smoke can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, lung cancer and other lung diseases. It can exacerbate the effects of other illnesses such as asthma and bronchitis. Exposing ex-smokers to other people’s tobacco smoke increases the chance of relapsing to smoking. For children, inhaling second-hand tobacco smoke is even more dangerous. This is because children’s airways are smaller, and their immune systems are less developed, which makes them more likely to suffer negative health consequences of second-hand tobacco smoke such as bronchitis, pneumonia and asthma. Creating smoke-free outdoor areas, such as in public sports grounds and recreational areas, can provide a supportive environment for those who have quit and make smoking less visible to children and young people.

How does this affect Local Council bans on smoking?
Many NSW councils, under the provisions of the Local Government Act 1993, have progressively introduced their own smoking bans. Where these bans are in place, they can continue to be enforced by Local Council rangers.

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