We had a great game this week at home verse Bangor. Although it was a really hot day, we managed to push through and it was great to see us fighting hard for the ball every time. Early in the match, we had some quick, smart passing through from our mid fielders which assisted in two striking goals in the back of the net by Sheena. This set our spirits high to hold our lead and defend hard. Our tough back line made it hard for Bangor, giving them limited opportunities for shots at goal. Jo and Sarah H were always chasing down the attackers and pushing the ball back up the field. At half time, snacking on some delicious oranges, really gave us a well needed energy boost (thanks Amy!). It was an unfortunate goal given to the Bangor side, as those in the action don’t believe it made it over the line. However, this just gave us more determination which saw us through to the final whistle. Great game girls, see you all at training.

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