The semi finals are here (and there, and everywhere).  With six teams in the finals, everyone should be able to find someone they know and a team to adopt for the finals series.  Please got out and support out teams this weekend.  Unless, of course, you have ground duty at Preston Park.


Saturday 4th August 2012
Crusader’s Fixtures
18E Heathcote Waratah 12:00 pm Kingswood Road 1
21D North Sutherland 12:00 pm Buckle Reserve 1
21E Engadine Eagles 2:00 pm Solander 1

Preston Park Fixtures
12A 9:00 am Barden Ridgebacks v Cronulla Seagulls
12A 10:30 am Gymea United v Menai Hawks
16D 12:00 pm Georges River v Menai Hawks
16D 2:00 pm Miranda Magpies v Lilli Pilli FC

Sunday 5th August 2012

Crusader’s Fixtures
AL12 Gymea United 1 9:00 am The Ridge 5
W30C Bangor 11:00 am Heathcote 4
WSF Bosco F C 1:00 pm Loftus 1

Preston Park Fixtures
W30B 9:00 am Heathcote Waratah v Bosco F C
W30B 11:00 am Bonnet Bay v Como West-Jannali
W30A 1:00 pm Como West-Jannali v Marton
W30A 3:00 pm Marton v North Sutherland

Congratulations to all the teams in the finals series (let’s hope the weather holds off for you), and commiserations to those that didn’t make it.  Well done to the SSF teams, too.

Congratulations to all the Referees, as well.  Without you, we wouldn’t have a game.

Go Crusaders!

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