If the sizable frames of some of the Bosco boys had us anxious before kick-off, it didn’t seem to worry anyone after the starting whistle. We were sticking to our roles, with Mia, Lucy, Maddi, Kate & Brooke all showing no fear and putting their bodies on the line to constantly shut down Bosco’s chances.

Raiden gave great service in goal with some long clearing kicks that kept Bosco well away from our end, and in the 2nd half he immediately sprang into action – result – GOOOOAAAALLLLL!!!.

1 nil – the crowd went up and we were all pumped for more!! It was a tense match that had everyone on the edge of their seats, with even super-coach and Crusaders immortal Jim Hankins weighing in with some strong words of encouragement from the sidelines.

A lucky goal to Bosco near the end unfortunately levelled things up, but i got the feeling we were the better team for most of the match. Any more matches like that and us parents won’t have any finger nails or hair left……..

Player of the Week was awarded to Lucy for her tireless efforts, she covers plenty of ground and always turns up when needed.


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