Engadine Crusaders v’s Lilli Pilli WON 4-1

Well it was a true winter’s day at this game today so thank to the parents who brave the wet and cold to watch the guys.
The game was an entertaining one to say the least and when some of the “fancy” stuff didn’t quite work in front of the goals it certainly got a cheer from the sideline. When the team work happened, passing around, first to the ball and balls to feet you guys scored each time so well done. A good team effort with a well-deserved win. You all played great, didn’t stop and dominated the park. Oh and yes, Lilli Pilli’s goal…… oh dear! As entertaining as the game was guys when the ref blew his whistle I think the crowd cheered more (to get out of the cold and wet) But great game and a joy to watch.

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