21D: Round 3 (Replay) vs Como at Preston Park. 5-1 Win.

What a difference a week can make in football. Playing lower grade football and putting teams to the sword week after week, we all know how hard it can be to get motivated to play the lower sides. When you know you can put in only 20% effort while not giving a damn and still come away with a massive win, it’s hard to play at a high intensity for anywhere near 90 minutes.

Coming up against Como, a team that Engadine have had close matches with in the past had the bookies instilling Engadine as short priced favourites. There was an expectation that they’d be highly motivated to put Como to the sword today and the home side certainly didn’t disappoint the punters!

Como certainly came to play and were a lot more physical than anything Engadine had encountered this season. This saw the away side have a lot of possession and therefore field position. Engadine were cagey early, giving the ball away too cheaply when they got their feet on it but as they tend to do, goals settled the nerves and the result was never in doubt.

The longer the match went on, the more settled Engadine were on the ball and the lads put on a show for the Preston Park faithful, knocking the ball around well and banging in the goals.

Jeff was not made available to speak to the media by management post match, but it was interesting to see his response to an in team suspension, listed as for “being a twat” with a strong, energetic second half performance.

Check out our Facebook page for a full match gallery featuring an awesome two shot sequence where Chris tackles an opponent and leaves him in his wake. So good!


Lastly, a “special mention” to the lovely group of young men who represent the Como West-Janalli Football Club for walking away from a huge pile of tape, paper, bottles and other assorted garbage from their little camp next to the clubhouse. You acknowledged but dismissed requests from PARENTS AND VOLUNTEERS to clean up after yourselves, flipping them off and instead leaving it to them. You are an embarrassment to your club and to yourselves. Disgusting.


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