21D: Round 4 vs Gymea at Gymea Bay Oval. 2-5 Win.

A sunny afternoon welcomed Engadine to Gymea for what on paper looked like a completely lopsided matchup. With a near full Engadine squad making the trip, Engadine listed only Assi as out for one week with the reason stated as “Dancing Cow”. You can read into that what you will.

From the sidelines you could have honestly been mistaken for thinking there wasn’t a football match going on. All that could be heard was 90 minutes of complaining. D grade football is meant to be a fun weekend event with your mates, just smile and enjoy it, Jesus! The Gymea coach was sent off for once again asking the referee patronising questions about his eyesight. Of course we all understand his frustration but seriously, why does nobody learn?!

But the real complaining was coming from Engadine. Yes, the same Engadine who were up by three goals at the end. “I don’t want to play defender”, “Nobody is running”, “Let me score goals” “You’re a *pile of sticks* coach, *friend*” (I couldn’t quite make the exact words said in the last one out but it was something like that anyway). I’m not sure if I’m watching twenty one year olds or under sixes at times. The mind boggles.

It turns out there there was a football game going on though. Ben showed his class once again by chipping the keeper from just past halfway, while Sam got his season’s tally underway with a second half brace. Jenko rounded out the scoring with another trademark clinical finish.

When Engadine get their passing football going, there is no side better to watch and it was on display here once again but only in patches. Plenty to work on if they are going to come close to finally winning the league but plenty of good signs to show they are on the right track football-wise.

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