Game 1 of the new season (up a grade) and personally I dont think we did too badly.
Some of us found in the off season we splurged a little too much and when we put our shorts on before the game it basically cut off our circulation and air supply, but we managed not to pass out during the game.
We have 4 new team members this year, a big welcome to Karen, Corinne, Gail H and Gail R, we are loving your big smiles and enthusiasm and we are confident you will fit in very well…..
First game is always a test, on fitness and how we meld and play as a team, what we need to work on for future games etc, and with our new coach Paul, our fitness, ball skills and game plan will improve throughout the season im sure. Lets have a great season. On behalf of the 30W B team / Cheers Trudie

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