Wayne Schweickle, President of our Association, and Blake Powell, of Sydney FC

Wayne Schweickle, President of our Association, and Blake Powell, of Sydney FC

The Engadine Crusaders were proud to host the U11’s finals for the Sutherland Shire Football Association.  Seven exciting games were played in magnificent weather.  On a very busy day, the President of the Sutherland Shire Football Association, Mr Wayne Schweickle, was able to present to two of the competitions.  As well, we had Blake Powell, from Sydney FC, for a couple of hours.  Blake handed out trophies, had lots of photos taken and was a wonderful ambassador for his club, and hopefully an inspiration for the kids.

While many of our teams have worked tirelessly at Preston Park, over the three weekends of the finals, a special mention needs to go to the 18C’s and 18F’s, for this weekends work.  While the other teams that have covered duty at the ground during the finals series, have ALL worked hard, Saturday’s Grand Finals were the most heavily attended, by far.  While we certainly appreciate the parents helping, all those young men who helped out were a credit to themselves, their families and the Club.  To have the boys working diligently in such busy circumstances, is wonderful to see.  One joy of being involved in junior sport, is watching adolescents mature as they grow up.

While our dedicated volunteers were working hard, we had four teams in Grand Finals on Saturday.  The mighty 14C’s opened the account with an early kick off, and took the pressure off the Club, by winning, and winning well (waiting on a picture).  A note to our sponsors, they couldn’t speak highly enough about the staff of McDonalds, when they turned up, in uniform, after their game.

Unfortunately, in the next game, our W15B’s (our Committee wouldn’t let me call them the X-Women) went down.  A tough loss, but they have had a great season.

We then had to wait till 2:30 for both of the 21’s to kick.  The mighty 21D’s have played the same team, in the Grand Final, for the last three years.  While I did not go to the game, as I was at the 21C’s, I have no doubt it would have been a thrilling hard fought match.  The game went into extra time, and for the second time in a row, the 21D’s were knocked on a draw.

21C's 2013 Premiers

21C’s 2013 Premiers


The 21C’s had a “local” game, playing Heathcote at Anzac.  In a torrid encounter, in the heat, the teams went toe to toe, end to end.  Both had chances in the first half.  The Crusaders scored first in the second half, with Heathcote hitting back, not long after.  The Crusaders scored the go ahead goal, and hung on to the end, to win 2-1.

2013 Grand Finals Day Sunday 460 reduced

AL11’s Premiership Presentation

On Sunday, we only had one team in the Grand Finals, the AL11’s.  Another beautiful day to experience a grand final on.  The AL11’s kicked off at 12:30 against an old foe (the team that knocked them out of the finals last year), St Pats.  In a close evenly matched game, both sides had their opportunities, but could not score.  The game went to extra time, nil all.  While the heart palpitations were noticeable on the sidelines, the Crusaders held on.

Commiserations to the W15B’s and the 21D’s.  Congratulations to the 14C’s, 21C’s, AL11’s.

Finally, a big thank you to all the Clubs who hosted finals, as well as the Executive Committee of our Association.

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