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The first round of the playoffs were held over the previous weekend.  It would appear all our Minor Premiers went down, alas they live to fight another day.  While three teams are through to the Grand Final.

Commiserations to our 18F’s and W30B’s, who were both knocked out.

Congratulations to our 14C’s, W15B’s (X?), and 21D’s, who are all in the Grand Final.

C’mon 18C’s, 21C’s, SWE’s, AL15’s and AL11’s1

We held Semis for the Under11’s competition at Preston.  Our sponsor allowed us to put up their blow “M”.

The teams all seemed to have a great time, and the ground control people seemed to have everything under control.  A big Thank You to Shannon and Dave and all the 11E’s families that helped, as well as Paul and the 16C’s, who all put in a supreme effort.

Finals this weekend:

Engadine Crusaders Finals

17-Aug-2013 18C P/F Engadine Crusaders Bosco F C The Ridge 1 3:00 PM
17-Aug-2013 21C P/F Engadine Crusaders Lilli Pilli F C 2 Anzac 2 3:00 PM
18-Aug-2013 AL11 P/F Engadine Crusaders North Sutherland Anzac 2 1:00 PM
18-Aug-2013 AL15 P/F Engadine Crusaders St. Patricks Solander 2 9:00 AM
18-Aug-2013 WSF P/F Engadine Crusaders Cronulla RSL Heathcote 2 11:00 AM

Please go and support our teams.  No doubt they would love some extra cheering!

Under 11's Semi-Finals at Preston Park

Under 11’s Semi-Finals at Preston Park






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