Life Members

It takes a lot of time, effort, passion and commitment to establish and run a volunteer organisation, like the Engadine Crusaders Football Club. And we think it is important to recognise and remember the people that have given service to the club well above what is normally expected, who have demonstrated leadership and that have enhanced the standing of our club in the community.

Engadine Crusaders Football Club life members

1982 Garry Martin

1990 Ron Wilson

1992 Greg Wilson

1994 Neville Bethe

1996 Steve Wackwitz

1996 Ian McCrea

2003 Ken Newman

2003 Janine Rowling

2004 Brad Keep

2006 Andrew Marshall

2006 Peter Coman

2011 Matthew Murray

2011 Jim Hankins

2012 Terry Smith

2012 Jeffrey Whalan

2015 Graham Gunn

2015 Clare Hargrave

2015 Debbie Cox

2017 Chris Van Vree

2017 Lachlan McTaggart

2018 Mitchell Pratt

2018 Andy Wise

2020 Amanda Hughes

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