Well, what can i say…Saturday’s game was a thrill for everyone as we registered our FIRST EVER WIN!!!!! We were down on numbers with only 7 players, and on that note, i have to congratulate the Coach/Manager of Lilli Pilly for being a good sport and agreeing to a bit of 7 on 7 to make it more fun and fair for all the kids (even though they still had 2 reserves to keep them fresh!).

Lilly Pilly scored first which kicked us into gear. Raiden’s scorching goal was matched by Lucy backing up her own break to register our 2nd for the day, which is where it finished, 2-1 !!! That 2nd half seemed to take forever, and I don’t mind admitting that when it was all finished up, there were a few tears of joy from the sidelines……….

I want everyone to know how proud i am of all of you that you’ve stuck together and that you keep trying for each other each week, often against bigger/older kids with more reserves. With a bit of luck we could have had a few other matches fall our way.

If I had 7 trophies, you each would have gotten one, but this weeks winner was Raiden, well done mate!

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