With three rounds to go, we start to look towards the finals.  Some teams are well placed in the top four, and some are on the cusp of making the finals.  To those teams that will not make it, we hope you stay committed to the end.  We may be holding some of the finals series at Preston Park, this year.  So, all teams need to be aware that their responsibilities may continue on into the finals series.

Annual Awards – Nominations are called for our Annual Awards.  Awards and descriptions are posted at the clubhouse.

Important forthcoming dates:

Final Competition Rounds – 2nd and 3rd of August

Semi-Finals Weekend – 9th and 10th of August

Finals Weekend – 16th and 17th of August

Grand Finals Weekend – 23rd and 24th of August

Winter Jackets and Hoodies



The Club has worked with CSM to offer hoodies and winter jackets, as shown.  Your manager should have details on fitting/sizing and placing orders, should you be interested.



Sydney FC Junior Membership


Junior Blue Membership is FREE for all FFA Registered Players who are born after 31st September 2001

Link for Firefox users – http://shirefootball.com.au/football-news/sydney-fc-junior-blues-membership-program





18B’s were not up to the task!  Rolled in the local derby, it now comes down to for and against.

Referees Night

We recently had a Night with the Referees, where two of the Senior Referees from the Sutherland Shire Football Referees Association, came and spoke to a number of coaches and players.  There 18 members of our club represented, and they were all entertained and informed, by the respective parties.  No pictures of the Refs, but our 18B’s did a good job cleaning up the clubhouse for the night.  To the sounds of the Ghostbusters theme:Who you gonna call?






U9’s at Seymour – Recently our Under 9’s played the warm up match, before the Sutherland Sharks, against the Engadine Eagles.

Crusaders and Eagles Under 9's line up for the Sutherland Sharks to come on the field.

Crusaders and Eagles Under 9’s line up for the Sutherland Sharks to come on the field.







As seen at a neighbouring field!271

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