The sun was shining on a beautiful autumn morning as the boys prepared to take on Bosco, at Woronora Heights. If the team warm up time was anything to go by (a roaming 3 year old boy decided to punch Ian repeatedly, his 6 year old sisters flirty unabashedly with Tom the Beautiful and the final warm up stretch being a synchronised mermaid wave by the team) then it was going to be an interesting match.

With more than 2/3 of the team suffering from the effects of a pretty rugged school camp and the rest from the end of term exhaustion it was always going to be a tough match. The Bosco team outplayed us in the first half putting 5 goals away to our one. Despite being sick, Ian scored our only goal in the first half.

Loaded up on fluids, lollies and strategy from Garry the boys mustered all their energy and enthusiasm to take on the second half. Managing to keep the Bosco team to 3 goals. Ian, assisted by a great pass from Tom scored a goal in the final minutes of the half with the game ending in an 8-2 loss to a better and full strength team on the day.

Well done to all the boys who put in a huge effort in very warm conditions with many being under the weather. You all showed great team spirit.

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