On a very hot day, with only 9 players, the girls decided to take the down hill advantage in the 1st half so they could take a big lead into the 2nd half when they would be feeling tired. Unfortunately Bangor didn’t play to our plan and scored in the first minute of the game. While the girls quickly regrouped, Bangor were able to score a 2nd goal late in the half as the team began to tire. Just before half time Crusader’s began to put their passing game together and we went to the break down 2-1 after Emily scored.
With Shaylee’s inspirational talk motivating the team at half time, and some tactical positional changes, the girls began to support each other and play all over the Bangor defence. With 4 of our strongest players absent, everyone lifted their game and seemed to find a hidden reserve of energy. Tara came out of goals to strengthen our mids and was rewarded with a goal, Emily came back as sweeper, Tahlia moved into the forwards and scored and Shaylee also scored giving us a 4-2 win. Jenna continued her domination of the midfield, Tiarne, as always, was solid in defence, Ella was tireless- defending one minute and then supporting her forwards the next. In only her 2nd game of soccer, Lauren continued to impress and was unlucky not to score. Thank you to Annabelle who volunteered to go into goals and kept Bangor scoreless in the second half.
Congratulations girls, that was your best game of the season so far. You had to really fight hard for that win and you showed great maturity in the way you lifted and supporting each other in the 2nd half, even though you were exhausted. I was very proud to be your stand-in coach, but I hope I don’t have to face that pressure again.

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