A warm thank you to all the Crusader fans, who were out in numbers on the weekend.

With Fantastic Football, Classic Climate and Cantankerous Competition, our round of Semi Finals were played throughout the weekend.  We missed the two early timeslots on Saturday and had games in all but one of the other time slots.

Commiserations, Congratulations and Celebrations.  Commiserations to the 18E’s, who went down in extra time, and the 21D’s who were beaten by a well disciplined opponent.  Congratulations to the AL12’s, who held on in extra time and advanced, and the SWF’s, who ran away from the opposition and should have won 4 – 1, but settled for 3 – 1.  Celebrations for the 21E’s, beating an opponent for the first time in two seasons, and the Minor Premiers W30C’s, who held on for a gutsy 1 – 0 win, both of whom go straight to the Grand Final!

Hence, we have no one playing next Saturday.  However,  here is the draw for this coming Sunday’s games!  Please note, The Ridge 1 is Bangor’s field, further down the road.  The Ridge 4 is one of the Barden Ridge allocated fields (presumably the one they played on, last Sunday);

Rnd     Div   Grd                   Opponent                         Time                  Ground

21       AL   12                Gymea United         2              10:30 am           The Ridge 4

21       WS      F               Caringbah Redbacks             8:30 am              The Ridge 1

We WILL have the SWF’s and AL12’s both playing, one after the other (slightly separated at the Ridge).  I am sure they would both appreciate some vocal support.

The good news for the teams out of the finals, we will NOT be having any more games at Preston Park, this year (barring unforeseen events).  The Club will not make as much revenue as we had hoped, but no one else will be called in to run the ground.

Planning is well underway for the Presentation Day and Night.  I hope all teams are encouraging as many members and families as possible to attend.  We will have a big day for the Juniors at Preston and a big night for the Seniors.

If any parents of the Seniors would like to attend the Senior Presentation Night, please contact Neville Bethe or someone on the Committee.  I know we would love to have you there, and I am sure we could accommodate you.

The Anatomy of a Goal – courtesy of the SWF team

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