A belated summary of our Award Winners for Season 2012

Terry Smith Junior Sportsman of the Year Award – Sean Veitch

Garry Martin Senior Sportsman of the Year Award – Taylor Hankins

Len Harrison Memorial Shield for Club Person of the Year – Clare Hargrave

Neville Bethe Coach/Manager of the Year Award – Adam Seckold

Gardner Shield Award – W30C Team

As well, two new Life Memberships were awarded to Terry Smith and Jeff Whalan.

Jarrod Martin achieved 15 years of service, while Lachlan McTaggert and Daniel Myers achieve 20 years of service.  Congratulations to all winners and recipients.

While our “off season” is rapidly passing, a lot of work has gone on behind the scenes, within our Committee, at the Association level, at Football NSW level, as well as at the FFA level.  Greg O’Rourke, our past Association President, has accepted the position of Chairman of Football NSW.  The FFA and My Football Club (our national registration system) have been working to rectify various issues that arose from last year’s registration.  Our Association has already held one revision session for Registrars across the Association

Registration is officially opening early in January, this year.  Once we have calculated our fees for next year, we will announce our opening date for registration, as well as any registration days at the Clubhouse.

As we are close to moving into December, on behalf of the Crusaders, I would like wish everyone a safe and happy festive season.


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